Kirloskarwadi - Second Industrial Township in India

The town of Kirloskarvadi was founded by Laxmanrao Kirloskar in 1910 when he started his factory, called Kirloskar Brothers Ltd, near the railway station that was at that time called Kundal Road. Laxmanrao Kirloskar had read about “industrial townships” in Europe and USA where the owners of industries had built communities for the employees. His dream was to build his own industry and a community for the employees. The culmination of his dream is the town of Kirloskarvadi. Balasaheb Pant Pratinidhi, the ruler of the Aundh Sansthan, one of the many Indian Princely States under the British rule in India before independence, donated the land to Laxmanrao Kirloskar to establish the factory and the town. The factory around which the town was built is still the flagship manufacturing plant of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. It is the second oldest industrial township in India.

Vikas Charitable Trust is engaged in various activities related to Education, Health Care, Sports and many more…

  1. Bal Vikas Mandir
  2. Kirloskar Vidyalaya
  3. Kirloskar High School & Jr. College
  4. Alumni Registration
  1. SLK Sports Academy
  1. Activities
  2. Vicinity
  3. Hobby Center
  1. Volunteer Registration

Vikas Charitable Trust ( VCT ) was established on 18th August 1994 (Registration Number E 819 Sangli).