Kirloskarvadi - Second Industrial Township in India

The town of Kirloskarvadi was founded by Shri. Laxmanrao Kirloskar in 1910 when he started his factory, called Kirloskar Brothers Ltd, near the railway station that was at that time called Kundal Road. Shri Laxmanrao Kirloskar had read about “industrial townships” in Europe and USA where the owners of industries had built communities for the employees. His dream was to build his own industry and a community for the employees.

The culmination of his dream is the town of Kirloskarvadi. Balasaheb Pant Pratinidhi, the ruler of the Aundh Sansthan, one of the many Indian Princely States under the British rule in India before independence, donated the land to Shri. Laxmanrao Kirloskar to establish the factory and the town. The factory around which the town was built is still the flagship manufacturing plant of Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. It is the second oldest industrial township in India.

Second Industrial Township in India

In January 1910, the Belgaum Municipality asked the Kirloskars to vacate the land occupied by them to make room for a new suburb. Suddenly, Shri. Laxmanrao Kirloskar and his brother Ramu Anna found themselves in dire need of a place to live and work. But, as is said, ‘Every adversity, is born with opportunity.’ This opportunity for the two brothers came in the form of the Raja of Aundh, and erstwhile princely state, who offered Shri. Laxmanrao the land needed in his state. Two months later, Shri. Laxmanrao Kirloskar set foot on 32 acres of barren land in Aundh, near the railway station strewn with cacti and infested by cobras.

Shri. Laxmanrao spared no time, putting together a team of 25 workers with their families to transform the barren expanse, with no electricity or water into a dream village. The township which was planned and constructed with Ramu Anna at the helm, came to be known as ‘Kirloskarvadi’. One of the first ‘Factory Village’ in India was born – the other two being Walchandnagar (Maharashtra) and Tatanagar, Jamshedpur (Bihar). That was a hundred years ago.

During Indian independence struggle, some of the militant revolutionary fighters who went underground to escape arrest took refuge in Kirloskarvadi. The workers from the factory took part in protests and satyagraha against the British rule. Two workers from the factory – Umashankar Pandya and Sadashiv Pendharkar – were killed when police opened fire on one such protest. An obelisk (Marathi: स्तंभ) and park in the town commemorates the sacrifices of these workers.

Kirloskarvadi is located at 17.085°N 74.414°E. Kirloskarvadi is located in the Krishna (Marathi: कृष्णा) river valley. It is surrounded by fertile agricultural land Burli, Kundal, Palus, Dudhondi, Sawantpur and Ramanandnagar are the nearest towns.Sangli, Satara, Pune and Kolhapur are the nearest cities.

Historically, Kirloskarvadi was part of the Tasgaon taluka in Sangli district. After creation of Palus taluka, the town became part of Palus taluka. The town is a part of the Sangli Lok Sabha constituency and Palus-Kadegaon Vidhan Sabha constituency.

The Kirloskarvadi railway station (spelled ‘Kirloskarvadi’) is on the Mumbai–Bangalore railway line managed by Central Railway, Pune division. Currently Double line electrification is in construction between Pune and Kolhapur and expected to be completed by 2020.There are trains to major cities like Sangli, Kolhapur, Pune, Mumbai and Bangalore as Jodhpur Bangalore Express, Mahalaxmi Express, Maharashtra Express. There is long time demand to have a halt for Goa Express and Ajmer Express to Kirloskarvadi station as it will give good service to Palus and Tasgaon Taluka residing Passengers. There are Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) buses and private buses from Kirloskarvadi to Sangli, Kolhapur, Pune and Mumbai. There is also a private airport for Business Jets and a helipad for helicopters.

Facilities at Kiloskarvadi


In Kirloskarvadi, a Maternity hospital is running more than 75 years, provided medical service to nearby village patients with additional facilities like X-Ray, Operations Pre & Post operative care etc.

Residential Colony

A residential colony has been setup for Kirloskar employees. The facilities like 24 hour water (timely hot water in winter), electric supply, School, hospital has been provided in this area. On campus amenities such as Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Open Air Theatre, Banking Service, Post office are also available..

Bachelor's Hostel

Kirloskar Brothers Limited has an in-house residential complex with separate provision for Trainee Employees. Bachelor Hostel has facilities like hot water, electric supply.

On campus amenities such as Gymnasium, Swimming Pool,
Open Air Theatre, Banking Service and Hospital are also available to the trainee engineers.

Mess facility is also available in the campus which serve nutritious Breakfast, Lunch, High Tea & Dinner to the hostel residents.


A temple (from the Latin word templum) is a structure reserved for religious or spiritual rituals and activities such as prayer and sacrifice. It is typically used for such buildings belonging to all faiths. In Kirloskarvadi, we had reserved different places for spiritual activities.

Surrounding & Near by Places

Kirloskarvadi Surroundings - Places to Visit


Ramanandnagar village is located in Palus Tehsil of Sangli district in Maharashtra, India. It is situated 4 km away from sub-district headquarter Palus and 40km away from district headquarter Sangli. It is just outside the town Kirloskarvadi. This area is developed with small and medium scale industries supported by Kirloskars in 1980 decade. All the financial & technical support with machinery given by Kirloskar’s.


Kundal was originally the region around Sangli and located 40 kilometres (25 miles) north of the district capital, Sangli. Kundal is surrounded by Valva-Islampur Taluka to the west, Kadegaon Taluka to the north, Tasgaon Taluka to the east, and Karad Taluka to the west. In the ancient days, it was the capital of the Chalukyas. Kundal is a historical place; its ancient name was Koundinyapuro. In 19th centuary , Kundal was home place to freedom fighters such as Krantisigha Nana Patil, Krantiagrani G. D. (Bapu) Lad, Krantiveer Captain Akaram (Dada) Pawar, Krantiveer R. S. (Mama) Pawar, Captain Rambhau Lad, Yashwant (Baba) Pawar, Shankar Jangam and many others. The most of peoples of this village depends on Agro based production. It is famous for good quality of grapes production. Kundal is famously known for 95-year-old Maharstra Kusti Maidan and an annual Kusti competition.


Palus has an industrial area called Palus MIDC and it is the biggest asset for Palus, which holds major components of manufacturing & foundry process. The government of Maharashtra has set up a specialized state-of-the-art wine park at Palus, 30 km from Sangli city. This 142 acre park which produces one of the best-quality grapes in the world. In palus there is huge market of building material and hardware material. It is located just 3 kms away from Kirloskarvadi.

Palus tahashil have many famous temples. ‘Dhondiraj Maharaj Math /Mandir’, H. Daval Malik (Baba) Darghah. Old and new Vitthal temple, famous Shivling temple, Nag temple, birudeo temple and two Hanuman temple located at opposite sides of Palus,Gram Daivat Padmavati Mandir.

Hindustani classical vocalist Vishnu Digambar Paluskar (1872-1931) was born here.[1] Freedom Fighters like Dhulappa B. Navale of Ankalkhop & his followers were of Mahatma Gandhi’s followers & G. D. Lad of Kundal were members of Prati-Sarkar.


Burli village is located in Palus Tehsil of Sangli district in Maharashtra, India. It is situated 8km away from sub-district headquarter Palus and 35km away from district headquarter Sangli. Burli, a hamlet close to Kirloskarvadi, reels under floods. Laxmanrao Kirloskar sends a contingent from Kirloskarvadi to help the flood affected. His efforts were recognized by being conferred the ‘Kesar-e-Hind’ title.


Sawantpur village is located in Palus Tehsil of Sangli district in Maharashtra, India. It is situated 8 km away from sub-district headquarter Palus and 35km away from district headquarter Sangli.


Amanapur village is located in Palus Tehsil of Sangli district in Maharashtra, India. It is situated 7 km away from sub-district headquarter Palus and 30km away from district headquarter Sangli. Amanapur village has higher literacy rate compared to Maharashtra. As per census 2011, literacy rate of Amanapur village was 87.57 % compared to 82.34 % of Maharashtra.



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