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“School plays a bigger role in determining once’s attitude, that sets direction for journey……”

It has been my best & cherishable time, as I've had many great moments of my school life, that contributed positively for my post school life journey. Personally, I believe that parents, school & society makes impressions on the subconscious minds in early age, that helps in personal & professional development to be determined in the real world, longer than expected. In this case, I was not an exception, as my school has supported me to build deep values, high level of principles, and a stronger personality, that supported to build my character in my professional life. As someone says, schooling is not all about achieving high academics grades or excellency in sports alone, it’s an overall development that matters the most. Teachers at Kirloskarwadi school have supported & contributed personally in many ways to achieve good learning attitude, considered everyone to participate in cultural programs, generated high level enthusiasm in preparation of yearly gathering, whether it’s drama, fun fair or any ad hoc events, it was all fun, that’s impossible to forget. The amount of timely encouragement that was received from all teachers generated passion and connections, which has laid a stronger foundation to cherish & leverage for many years. Alongside teachers, my classmates supported me in many ways, and that ended up being friends forever.
On behalf of 10th std 1989 batch if, I want to pass on one message to future generations is to trust the school's process and enjoy it the most, as all puzzles will start getting together in your personal life in future. Personally, I am highly privileged and thankful towards all my teachers out there, to show how powerful you were, as an individual and as a professional, who have supported me and many generations to be successful in personal & professional careers. Thank you so much for generating such nice memories of fabulous school years!!
Pravin Gokakkar - Past Student
Program Manager, (Business Consulting & IT Transformation) IBM, Global Business Services, London, United Kingdom
“I feel fortunate to share my experiences with my Kirloskar High School, Kirloskarvadi, as an alumina. Looking back, I realised the number of years passed by, like flash of a light, since I passed out in 1989.”

School time memories are still fresh and nostalgic in my mind and heart. I vividly remember the grand panoramic view of our school building which instantly can make anybody fall in love with it. The school is located amidst thick cover of trees, big playground and sports infrastructure which motivated us as students. However, the most distinctive feature was the flag hoisting mast structure. Republic Day and Independence day celebrations instilled a scene of patriotism in all of us.

Today what I am as a person is because of my school, the values that were inculcated during my formative years. This school not only makes one literate but also helps in imbibing the lessons of life. Many alumina Kirloskar High School today are well established in various field such as arts, sports, education, research and business. Thus I feel honoured that I am part of this esteemed school family.
Dr. Rahul R. Harshe - Past Student
Scientist ‘F’, R & DE (E), DRDO, Ministry Of Defence
“I will always be grateful to this wonderful school….”

All the teachers have been lovely and were always there to help. I deeply value the combination of nurture and academic focus we had at our school which has laid a very sound foundation to our overall progress. We were always inspired, encouraged and challenged. The children of Kirloskar High School leave the school as rounded, happy, self-confident young people. I want to express gratitude to all the teachers who are doing such amazing work. Very grateful for the rich learning environment! I have spent best time of my early life here…..Keep up the good work!
Sudhir Mali - Past Student
Associate Vice President and Head- R&D (SPB), Kirloskar Brothers Limited, Pune