Since its inception in 1937, the School has made tremendous strides in educating students in and around Kirloskarvadi.

Kirloskar School is an Innovative School, a place where every decision is based on the current research about how students learn, develop, and thrive.

It has over the years established a formidable reputation, and enjoys tremendous goodwill in the community and continues to be a school of choice for parents of Kirloskarvadi and its neighbourhood. The school has nurtured and served a multitude of generation of students with devotion and care. The school continues to be very close to the hearts of every generation in the Kirloskar family and they support the school with love and care.

The school has witnessed a resurgence of growth and development under the guidance of Mrs. Pratima Kirloskar and it continues to reach new milestones and in the process adding many feathers in its cap in its journey.

The school has been adding new infrastructure and modern facilities with every passing year in order to forge ahead.

Year 1937

Year 2020