Our Values


~Pursue high standards of academic excellence~
~Demonstrate courage, integrity and a commitment to ethical behaviour~
~Leading through Innovation~

Kirloskar High School has been true to its values for over a Century. Dedicated to progressive education since 1937.

For more than 100 years we have offered education

KHS while having changed and grown in structure over the last century, maintains the progressive mission and inclusive values from its founding—values that have made the school an incredibly special and unique place throughout the years.

Encouraging independent thinking, good communication

Inside The Classroom we have the best faculty that inspire, mentor and guide our students on their academic journey.on their academic journeyon their academic journey

A Tradition of Excellence has more than 7,000 alumni

Our Alumni is living across the country and have grown up by starting their own businesses, starring in films, practicing law and medicine  working for community nonprofits.

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Average financial aid award


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arts performances each year

Dynamic educational community

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