Kirloskar Vidyalaya


Our children deserve the best and that is what we want for them.

We want them to be able to achieve excellence in all areas, study in a safe and happy environment, to find satisfaction in their achievements and realise their potential to the full. We want our children to be confident and excited about meeting new challenges. We want them to learn the importance of working in peers and to grow up to be tolerant individuals who respect and appreciate others.

Kids Library

We ensure that our library is well stocked with age-appropriate reading material that helps develop the child’s curiosity, concept building and cognitive skills. Regular story-times are built into their day to fuel their boundless imaginations.

Medical check-up


The students of school are examined by experienced Doctors from time to time.

Outdoor play area

The students of the school have open spaces with proper play area and an spacious ground.

Mid Day Meal Scheme

Malnutrition was widely prevalent in India among growing children Nutritional deficiencies and their incidences among children of school going age group cannot be neglected. Malnutrition not only gives rise to morbidity and mortality, but also prevents a child from developing in a fully functional adult.

It adversely affects education in the following ways :

i) A malnourished child is less likely to attend school regularly.

ii) Even if such a child does attend school, he/she finds is difficult to concentrate on and participate in teaching-learning activities well enough. He / She therefore, tends to drop out inter alias, because of the inability to cope up with.

iii) Even if the child does not actually drop out, his attainment levels tend to be low.

Programme of providing Mid-Day Meal in Schools is designed to help UEE in the following ways :

– By improving enrolment and regularity of attendance.
– By reducing drop-out and
– By improving children’s level of learning and self-esteem.

National Programme of Nutritional Support to Primary Education (commonly known as the Mid-Day Meal Scheme) was launched as a Centrally-Sponsored Scheme on 15th August, 1995. Its objective was to boost Universalisation of Primary Education’by increasing enrolment, retention and attendance and simultaneously impacting on nutrition of students in primary classes. It is being implemented in Maharashtra since 1995-96 onwards. The scheme implemented for children in Std I to V in Government schools, schools run by local bodies, Government aided private schools and students enrolled in Education Guarantee Scheme Centre i.e. Vastishalas and Alternative and innovative Education Centre i.e. Mahatma Phule Education Guarantee Scheme Centers.


Music is an amazing tool for teaching languages, especially to children. Good songs will bounce around in a learners head long after their lesson is over. Young learners pick up vocabulary, grammatical structures, and the rhythm of the language simply by doing what they already love to do singing.

Keeping in mind, School has allotted separate class room as well as time for learning music. The institution provides training in vocal music; instrumental music, including melody instruments such as sitar as well as percussion instruments such as tabla and various classical dance form such as Bharat Natyam.

Smart Class

Digital Revolution is here to stay and Vikas Charitable Trust recognizes that. To empower and ensure that the kids are not left behind in this, VCT now aspires to tap into the unrestrained digital resources of learning.

Teaching for Artistic Behavior is, in the words of TAB. Tablet specially designed for primary level students to stimulate their impressionable minds and promote constructive thinking. With the help of TAB , the students can learn various subjects.