Kirloskar High School & Jr.College

Environmental Activities

Every year school celebrate ‘Environment Awareness Day’ as per the International theme of the year and run the activities throughout the year related to the theme.

  • Plastic free school and campus.

  • Exhibition and selling of cloth bags, making paper bags.

  • Competitions and Exhibitions of posters, poems, pledge, logo etc. on environment awareness and AIDS awareness.

  • Arrangement of ‘PUC camp’ for the vehicles of students, teachers, parents and local people.

  • Environment Calendar, Paper flowers.

  • Environment awareness examination for students organized by Jim Corbett, ICWESSAR or Shivaji foundation, Rajasthan.

  • Activities such as, Bird watching, fistful grains for birds, care of birds, provision of water for birds during summer etc.

  • Collection and scattering of seeds, plantation.

  • Maintain botanical garden.

  • Name plates to the plants in Kirloskar Campus.(Scientific name and common name).

  • Lectures of experts, street play presentation on environment awareness and AIDS awareness.

  • The best ‘First Aid Kit’ competition.

  • Welcoming of guests by giving either potted plant or by paper flowers, greetings made by the students.

  • Small scale environment projects on current environmental issues in the local area of the student and to work out practically on it.

  • Visits to the campus to study biodiversity.

  • Made wooden houses for birds and fixed on plants in school campus.