Kirloskar High School & Junior College

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The Experiential Learning that the School lay stress on helps Students in preparing them for real life.



25 yrs

Holistic education in order to help students to adapt, grow and thrive in a dynamic world



The school is set in an idyllic rural environs of western Maharashtra and provides learners with a holistic education in order to help them adapt, grow and thrive in a dynamic world by unearthing and developing the multifarious talent of learners. The experiential learning that the school lay stress on helps students in preparing them for real life and also enabling them to carve out a niche for themselves when they leave the portals of this Institution, which has a rich legacy of over eight decades in preparing students with calibre, a no mean achievement.

When you visit the school, you will notice the distinct vintage buildings, plenty of greenery, the serene and secure environs as well the close-knit community- that has been built by forging a strong and close relationship among students, parents and educators.

The school continuously strives to improve its systems, processes and practices with the primary objective of serving the needs of learners and also giving them with a definitive edge when they enter the world of higher education and also workplace.

The Trustees have been investing their time and energies in fashioning an exceptional education for your child and the stellar achievements of the alumni is a testimony to the untiring efforts put in by the Trustees over the years to build an institution of excellence. They have been at the forefront of modernising the infrastructure and improving its facilities and this clearly demonstrates that they are not to rest on their laurels but instead build on the gains made so far. They are strongly committed in taking the school to greater heights and in the process serve the learners in the best possible way so that the students emerge successful in their chosen fields and lead a happy and purposeful lives.

Principal, Kirloskar High School & Junior College